The vision of Kung Fu Flint is to bring Kung Fu training to Flint (and America) like it is in China. Imagine going to any park or community center and finding other people who are also training. Want more? Kung Fu Flint is creating a wide line of products and videos that help you to add mind/body exercise wherever you are, whatever you are doing. With the FU Krew phone app, you can connect with people on your block or across the world. Connect/compete with friends, and make new friends while getting healthy!

As most of the world has heard, Flint is having a water crisis. Kung Fu Flint has the solution. Through crowdfunding and worldwide donations, we are setting in motion the plan to provide Flint with pure water, new industries, and healthy, local food.

1. Start equipping houses (especially those with no water) with rainwater collection and a whole house filter. We will create a local rainwater collection company to meet Flint's needs, with as much product as possible coming from our recycled plastic.

2. Acquire portable water filtration systems that can be moved around town to provide pure water for all residents in need. 5 gallon water bottles will also be provided. (no plastic waste) Long term plans include large water cisterns that will be filled by the mobile water units.

3. Create a plastic recycling center that will handle all of Flint's plastic waste. Will be expanded to handle more as it grows.

4. Create as many Kung Fu Flint's products from our recycled plastic. (local manufacturing)

5. City-wide community gardens (greenhouses and below ground gardens) for year round produce (with special emphasis on cilantro, wheatgrass, and other detoxifying plants).

6. Contract with Kettering to design a new, state of the art water distribution system.

Flint will be the model for all of America to follow. Are you ready to show the world what Flint can do???

Kung Fu Flint