Kung Fu Flint

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FU is the Chinese character for happiness and good fortune.

FU Feather--a feathered version of the hacky sack

FU Staff--bamboo walking stick that doubles as a tool of exercise/self defense

FU Scarf--a neck scarf that doubles as a tool of exercise/self defense

FU Hat/Hoodie--a hat and hoodie that have sensors for practicing Kung Fu push hands with a partner

FU Shaker--a portable spice rack/exercise tool/self defense

FU Fork--a new concept in eating utensils that promote awareness, ambidexterity, and exercise while eating

Doorway Dojo--turns any doorway into a high tech training facility

Ba Gua training mat--portable floor mat for "walking the circle"

This is just the beginning--we have dozens of products from concepts to prototypes in the works. Investment opportunities are vast, as are potential ROIs!

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Kung Fu Flint